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King’s College London Public Awareness and Social Service Society (KCL PASS) is a non-profit society, founded by a group of Hong Kong students studying at King’s College London. As the name of our society suggests, we aim to promote the importance of public awareness and the involvement in social service mainly, but not exclusively, amongst Hong Kong youngsters. 
Publications Officer, Public Awareness Officer, Vice President, President, Secretary, Social Service Officer (from left to right)

Hong Kong Columns

  • All Men in Want of McDonald Girlfriends? This viral video has recently been shared on social networking site amongst Hong Kong users.  On the surface, it suggests the absurd notion that one’s partner’s willingness to ‘put up’ with a McDonald’s meal ought to be the basis of choosing a life partner for the younger generation of Hong Kong male.   Yet, hidden beneath this light-hearted, half-joking claim, it seems to be an outcry from Hong Kong’s younger male population, that their expectations towards value of money and relationships are acutely different to their female counterparts.  The video, produced by a group of local students, seem to speak for a fair proportion the younger generation of men in Hong Kong male, as they ...
    Posted 28 Nov 2013 13:26 by Connie Fan
  • More than a tv license? For the past couple of weeks, the issue regarding HK TV licenses has been heatedly debated among HK citizens.  To many people’s surprise, HK government rejected HKTV’s application for free – to – air television license, but instead granted it to the other two applicants – PCCW and i-Cable. The fact that the executive council did not provide any explanations sparked public anger and many citizens went as far as organizing protests and boycotting another TV station’s programmes.   Whilst this may seem to only concern HK’s entertainment business, to many people, this is vital in terms of determining the way in which Hong Kong will be governed in the future. Some suspect that the reason behind for refusing ...
    Posted 28 Nov 2013 13:17 by Connie Fan
  • Where is justice? Does Hong Kong government still hold the belief of justice, fairness and transparency in their decision-making process and long term plans? I am sure that this question is raised by lots of Hong Kong people after the announcement made by the government about the rejection on the free licence application of Hong Kong Television Network limited (HKTV). HKTV is a planned third television station competing with existing rivals, TVB and ATV. It has recruited lots of talented workers and artists. “Focus on entertainment, which is what Hong Kong lacks”, this is what Ricky Wong Wai-kay aims at in his company. He has done lots of preparation beforehand to raise its competiveness, and to increase the ...
    Posted 28 Nov 2013 13:10 by Connie Fan
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  • KCLPASS Colours of Life Show 2013 On 5th August 2013, KCLPASS presented Colours of Life Show 2013, its annual fundraising event, at the Y-Theatre at Youth Square, Hong Kong. The show featured numerous fantastic musical performances by solo singers, bands and student groups, a dance performance, as well as 4 catwalks showcasing original and beautiful collections designed by students at the Caritas Bianchi College of Careers.  The main objective of Colours of Life 2013 was to provide a platform for young artists to showcase their talents, to cultivate youngsters’ appreciation of these different talents, as well as raise awareness of underprivileged young people in Hong Kong. All proceeds went to the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, a service organization that helps the youth with ...
    Posted 9 Mar 2014 16:59 by Michael Ng
  • Joint-U Discussion Forum x London 4U Presidential Debate   The sound and the fury of an intellectual crowd On 30th October 2013, the London university PASS societies (LSE HKPASS, UCLU PASS, KCL PASS, and IC PASS) held the first discussion forum as part of the new Joint-University Discussion Forum series. Flamboyantly titled the ‘Joint-U Discussion Forum x London 4U Presidential Debate’, the PASS presidents were by no means the focal point or main attraction of the event. Rather, it was the collective voice and attentive ears of an intellectual crowd in the lecture hall, discussing, debating, and articulating, that reigned over the event’s ebb and flow. The event began with each PASS society’s selected sub-committee members introducing the topics at hand: Internet parodies ...
    Posted 5 Nov 2013 01:55 by Raymond Lee
  • Joint-PASS Legislative Council Visit A lesson on the distant past’s historiography by walking through the newly built and modern Legislative Council buildingOn 24th August 2013, Warwick PASS (WHKPASS), Imperial College London PASS (ICPASS), and King’s College London PASS (KCLPASS) organized a visit to the Hong Kong Legislative Council for existing PASS members and university freshers that are bound for the UK.The new LegCo building, with a large and conspicuous “立” written on its flank, and colored in dark grey, is surrounded by the rare sight of a green pasture. The juxtaposition of color tones accentuated a sense of august somberness. Entering the building, we were confronted with a spacious hall. After some minor hassling over details, a tour guide ...
    Posted 13 Sep 2013 06:10 by Raymond Lee
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